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Coworking Is Not A Fad – It Is A Disrupter

Coworking spaces offer options and opportunities that are simply second to none!Just a few years ago there were few if any coworking spaces, traditional office space was super expensive and long term leases made it cost prohibitive. Now there are countless places to choose from, all specializing in one area or another, with different amenities and offerings and of all sizes. Some big and busy, others smaller and quiet.Many of our partners have outgrown their spaces in Oslo, New London, Connecticut and in Boston. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives should best approach their growth needs by changing how they look at innovation and office space and must make changes accordingly.

So we decided this year, to accommodate this growing need, to move to a coworking space for all the reasons mentioned above. We have done away with the long term leases, have a creative environment to work in, meet interesting people each day and are part of something much bigger. To kick the can we also have cut significantly our costs at the same time continue promoting remote work but also a place to hang your coat.

Coworking / Shares spaces are a major real estate disruptor to the traditional way of thinking about offices and commercial real estate. No longer are you expected to stuck in your cubicle but can work in a space full of energy and usually “coffee included” .Coworking is not a fad! We’ve all witnessed how many more small companies are emerging on the scene, and how much easier it is to get started than ever before. These spaces often provide downtowns with a shot of energy and a new pulse creating a need for supporting businesses in the area like cafes and other services.. The startup community relies on these spaces as they did back when in their garage and basement. The technology to work from anywhere is present and clusters for collaboration are starting to take form. These clusters connect to each other and become extensions of each other´s coworking space.One has to remember that not every company is a big one ready to accept the responsibility of a long-term lease. While many eventually move on we find many of more are staying longer and longer and growing to boot. Some have even started new businesses along side of their current business to meet a new emerging need.In my humble opinion this is just the beginning of the new and modern way to work and meet.