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How you can help small business during Corona

While many businesses have shuttered in many parts of the world due to #corona there are many more that are better prepared in dealing with lost foot traffic. As the retail landscape changes, you know global titans Amazon and other online retailers continue driving the shift to online vs in-store these businesses are doing a robust business as the shift in put into 5th gear.Restaurants have established online presences via website and Facebook pages. They constantly develop their presence by adding content like cooking tips, what´s the latest trend, what´s available and more on Instagram while setting up curb side pick ups for orders placed online, through apps or by the good old fashioned phone call.Large retailers like Target,Walmart and Biltema are offering curb side pick up for online orders all to provide social distancing. Smaller retailers, the traditional mom and pop are hurting. Closed streets, downtowns devoid of foot traffic are causing a great deal of stress, financial and emotional for many of our smaller retailers around the world. Many lack the "digital muscle" and ability to create elbow room between themselves online and the titans that are investing huge sums of resources into adwords and other campaigns again leaving many of the smaller shops on the outside looking in. Some will never re-open forever changing our downtowns.What can be done to help these small businesses in these trying times?PIE VAT a digital tax refund service for tourists out of Sillicon Valley and Denmark recently published an interesting infographic highlighting what can be done to help.

Buying gift cards: A great way to keep business going down the road. Most shops will take orders online. Preferably ordering direct via the store so they receive the cash immediately. Using prepaid AMEX and others will not help these shops fast enough.
Shop Online: Many towns have their own websites featuring what businesses are in each town. Google "near me" as well which will highlight which stores are nearest to you along with their website.
Discounts: Many shops are offering super discounts. Remember they have a new season´s collection coming soon and are willing to give deep discounts to sell in stock product.

Ordering In: There is takeout and there is ordering in. Apps and services like Uber Eats, Foodora and others often support local restaurants. Many have set up accounts at these restaurants. This keeps cash flowing to the restaurants, the drivers and food delivered to your door.
Tipping: Yes money is tight for many and will be for some time. Tip those that count on tips a little extra. They are putting their health at risk for you. A few extra dollars will not ruin you but it can ruin them and the shopkeeper downtown.
In the end things will improve. I like many others look forward to the day when we can look back and say..."wow remember that..."... Keep safe and keep your favorite small business going.

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