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What We Have Learned From All Of This...

What we have learned from all of this working from home, being disconnected physically from our colleagues while being even more connected to our immediate families is that it is possible to change how we have been working. Until Covid-19 arrived on our proverbial plates there was a mistrust of remote working and working via video conferencing. This has all changed…Video and Web Conferencing companies have been preaching since the 1990s on the benefits of video communication and mostly from a technical and human resoource management perspective. 
Often barriers were created to simply limit or not allow the option of working remotely even one time per week. Employees we best trusted when seen which was often hidden behind “the need for team and watercooler talks” etc… but in reality it was “we have always worked best this way when we can physically police our employees”.When thurst into the situation of die or allow remote work it has well seemingly worked out very well and life and business goes on. 

We have become used to remote meeting interuptions like the dog barking, the kids walking in on video and the god awful messy home offices we see daily.Services like Zoom, Visiple, Teams and others have been taking over the heavy lifting of communication tools fast outpacing use of the phone. Some like Zoom have burst onto the scene, then were set up for hacker attacks while Teams has been the choice tool for schools across the world. 
Visiple has seen explosive growth from remote workers from all sizes of companies across the world. Just yesterday an Indian media company signed up for dozens of licenses and have been using the service around the clock. Microbreweries in New England, concert houses and artists are now using Visiple and other services to connect with their customers and audiences. Webinars are back in business and podcasts are filling the void so much so that Facebook has launched their own video room service that is a major facelift over their old video calling button in messenger.We have learned that the world goes on, it has to… change always comes from the outside and this change will hopefully help more companies allow their employees a better work-life balance (more remote work and flexibility) and trust, trusting that they really are working thus ending preconceptions that remote workers are simply hanging out.You see it is possible!

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